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Subject: Re: Fw: DOCBOOK: programlisting

At 05:24 16/08/2002, ed nixon wrote:
>Before this is made a permanent feature, I'd like to suggest it be checked thoroughly against the "modern" browsers at least, i.e. 6 and above. (Sorry, but I've seen IE 5.x described as the "Netscape 4 of the modern browser world.")
>In my experience, the CSS class/value selector works OK provided there is a single value involved, no space delimiters; I'm not so sanguin about selecting an arbitrary sub-string out of a space delimited list, nor about what space delimited values might do to the basic functionality of  the class selector.

I've been mailing John off list, and its fine with ie6.
Its certainly not a perm fixture though Ed,
(I haven't submitted to sourceforge yet),

I (for one) would like to see it OK for the Linux browsers,
and (min) ie5 and above, for us poor win32 waifs ;-)

Has anyone checked it out on the Linux kit yet?

This page should be sufficient to determine IE's support for 
selecting one component of a class attribute:

If you Lucky Linux lovers would speak up please ;-)

regards DaveP

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