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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: hierarchical element reference list for docbook?

At 11:31 16/08/2002, Norman Walsh wrote:

>| I have a couple of remarks about it:
>| - the capitalization in the list is not consistent
>Yes, this is a lingering issue as the book makes the transition from
>SGML (where case didn't matter and CamelCase was the order of the day)
>to XML (where it does matter and we've settled on all lowercase for
>element and attribute names).

My latest version has that aspect sorted.

>| - the ordering of elements in each section seems near to random.  It
>| would be good to put first the first elements a user is likely to
>| look for.  Look at the "tables" part for an illustration.
>The only purpose they serve(d) for me was to generate the list of "see
>alsos" at the bottom of the reference pages. I probably ended up
>sorting the list. So the order is random :-)

I've had a couple of suggestions (e.g. links) for improving it
for the ref card usage.

>Yes, probably not up-to-date with V4.2 yet.
>It's also possible that there are some completely missing because they didn't
>make sense for the purpose for which I wrote the list in the first place :-)

It also raised the issue (for the ref card) which *should* be there,
which shouldn't.

My (original) aim was to have those top level elements from which to
select, and not include all the others that could come almost anywhere,
but this has been questionned.

I have a list of 'missing' elements (4.2 version), but am unsure
which way to go, hence I'm seeking guidance.

After the Mulberrytech refcard (for xslt) I'm still chasing a max
of two sides. Presently up to 1 generous side, so more could go on.

Suggestions welcome.

regards DaveP

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