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Subject: DOCBOOK: any examples of how to use properly the NMTOKEN datatype as ihave a table issue with Element <tgroup>

Hi Folks I have successfully manage to migrate my Companies html website 
to a xml content site using Xalan ,html-tidy and ANT build
Thus everthing ok except when I have tried to create tables as per the 
original html website.Basically I can't figure out Element tgroup 
exspecially Attribute cols and datatype NMTOKEN.

Relating to my Element Table issues.

I have got the the following
<!-- My Table Creation Examples -- >
<title> Mt Test></title>
<tgroup align="center" "cols="3" >
<!-- http:// CDATA -->
<ulink url= "http://wats.upin/japan/";>Japan Rules</ulink>      

Element entry - This creates my table if i use ,</row></entry> on each 
</ulink> or </para>and works but i can't get the ulinks navigatable only 
the text i.e Japan Rules.

So is there any examples of how to use properly the NMTOKEN as I'm aware 
of the String of Characters commening with a letter and having numbers 
or any other punctuation but I still can't figure it out
I can't get my head round NMTOKEN datatype.

I have tried a few variations to no avail The Element tgroup has a 
Attribute cols and a DataType NMTOKEN that is required by the dtd
I am aware that it's a string of charcharcters begining with a letter & 
can contain numbers,letters and certain punctuations.

I'm currently playing with idea!! to no avail Plz Help.

<tgroup  cols="NMTOKEN"  NMTOKEN="n1" n1="3"/>    thus to create 3 columns

I the sdocbookdtd it is described :

< ! ELEMENT tgroup (%tbl.tgroup.mdl ; ) >


Chuck Amadi
ICT Dept Systems Programmer
Rhaglenydd Systemau Adran ICT

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