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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: xml sauce all over my dinner

>hi chuck,
>yep youve got the right idea about the table element defined already in sdocbook. I'd use this wherever possible to save having to extend the dtd and adapt the original layout/ideas if you have to.
>ok about meeting on the train, hope mission was successful.
>yes there is a tomcat magazine here too!
>have fun steve
Nice one 4 getting in touch Ye it was successful and a good day out for 
technobods to bond. I met a few of Madhu friends who were all technobods .
Anyway I just joined docbook mailing list as the Element table works but 
i have no frame around the table so i'll play around with the frame 
attribute of the Element table plus for some unknown reason the cols 
attribute of the Element tgroup according to the syntax parse ok but 
visually no change at all.

<tgroup align="center" cols ="3" />   The cols has a NMTOKEN datatype 
that is requried according to the dtd #REQURIED
So i am led to beleieve that this datatype that is a String of charcters 
commencing with a letter but obviously I'm using numeric value albiet it 
states that nmtoken begins with a letter so wats this about !!

some examples as per XML book
< ! ATTLIST part number NMTOKEN #required >


Huh I don't get it .As to use this kine of attribute use the literal 
NMTOKEN in the field type.

Ding wat about this  <tgroup align="center" cols="three" />

NB if any Magazine's i.e Struts , Tomcat or Apache 1 or 2 are in English 
Plz Get us a copy if possible.

Bon Voyage - Mynd Gyda Llif

Chuck Amadi
ICT Dept Systems Programmer
Rhaglenydd Systemau Adran ICT

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