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Subject: Re: [docbook] Just starting out

On  7 Jul, Casey Ackels wrote:
> Hello I am just starting out with using DocBook, and unsurprisingly I
> have ran into some problems. I am on FreeBSD 4.8, and have installed
> the relevant DocBook ports. Most of the tutorials that I have tried to
> follow use the program docbook2html. Although I do not have that on my
> box, which has made it considerably harder.

Looks like docbook2html is a jade wrapper.
I am using docbook for several years just fine on FreeBSD.

> If you use DocBook on FreeBSD could you please let me know how you got
> it to work? I realize that information here is pretty vague, but I
> really don't have any more, since i'm just starting out.  

I have made a little script to produce html from docbook. Basically, the
command is:

jade -t sgml -d <stylesheet> <docbook file>

and to convert docbook to pdf, the commands are:

jade -t tex -d <stylesheet> <docbook file>

pdfjadetex <generated tex file>

Hope that helps!


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