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Subject: Two questions (journals, sidebars)

Hey folks --

I am working on DocBook-ifying a set of medical journals.  I am using the
book/article elements to represent the journal and so far all is going well.
However, I do have a few questions:

- The journal itself has a title and subtitle, and each issue of the journal
has its own title and subtitle.  For example, the journal name and subtitle
may be "Adventures in Medicine" "A Practical Guide" and the issue's name and
subtitle may be "Administering Injections" "No Pain No Gain".  How does one
represent this in <bookinfo> as it only has one <title> and one <subtitle>?
One suggestion I saw on a web page was to stick the name of the journal
within a <biblioset> and set its relation attribute to something like
"journal".  Is there any recommended way to do this?

- The journal makes liberal use of sidebars, but some of these sidebars are
beyond what DocBook defines as sidebars -- they can span multiple pages,
have their own sections, and even have sub-sidebars.  I think we will be
promoting these uber-sidebars into articles, but my questions are 1) How do
I encode the relationship between the main article and these
sidebar-cum-articles?  and 2) What is the proper way to reference these
extracted articles from within the main article content?

Any help is appreciated!


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