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Subject: Re: [docbook] Two questions (journals, sidebars)

On Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 01:02:32PM -0400, Steve Krulewitz wrote:
> Hey folks --
> I am working on DocBook-ifying a set of medical journals.  I am using the
> book/article elements to represent the journal and so far all is going well.
> However, I do have a few questions:
> - The journal itself has a title and subtitle, and each issue of the journal
> has its own title and subtitle.  For example, the journal name and subtitle
> may be "Adventures in Medicine" "A Practical Guide" and the issue's name and
> subtitle may be "Administering Injections" "No Pain No Gain".  How does one
> represent this in <bookinfo> as it only has one <title> and one <subtitle>?
> One suggestion I saw on a web page was to stick the name of the journal
> within a <biblioset> and set its relation attribute to something like
> "journal".  Is there any recommended way to do this?

Actually, the DTD permits more than one title and subtitle
in bookinfo.  You could assign a role attribute to distinguish
them, and customize the stylesheets to respond to the role value.
> - The journal makes liberal use of sidebars, but some of these sidebars are
> beyond what DocBook defines as sidebars -- they can span multiple pages,
> have their own sections, and even have sub-sidebars.  I think we will be
> promoting these uber-sidebars into articles, but my questions are

> 1) How do
> I encode the relationship between the main article and these
> sidebar-cum-articles?  and 

Perhaps you could use bibliorelation inside articleinfo
to indicate a relationship between them.  bibliorelation
is meant for recording relationships between documents.
It has a 'type' attribute that can take values like
'references' and 'isreferencedby'.

> 2) What is the proper way to reference these
> extracted articles from within the main article content?

You could use xref and link.


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