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Subject: Re: open RFEs for possible inclusion in final DocBook V4.3

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/ Stefan Seefeld <seefeld@sympatico.ca> was heard to say:
| What's the status of RFE 714764 ('new classifier attrib for
| <indexterm> and <index>') ?
| I'd love to be able to generate API documentation in docbook, with
| separate listings of functions, types, variables, etc.

Right, and I think I have an action to show how this could be done
without index changes.

Basically, the idea is to generate one index for <indexterm>s, another
for <function>s, another for <type>s, another for <variable>s, etc.

If that's sufficient for your use case, I really don't think any new markup
is required. I certainly wouldn't want you to have to do this:

  <indexterm class="variables"><primary>someVarName</primary></indexterm>

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                                   | which we cannot trespass with
                                   | impunity.--W. H. Auden
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