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Subject: Re: [docbook] Linux editors for DTDs?

El Jue 18 Dic 2003 18:54, Dave Pawson escribió:
> At 08:33 18/12/2003, David O'Brien wrote:
> > > >It will be used for writing a combination of User Documentation,
> > > > Release Notes, Technical Documentation and possibly training material
> > > > based on the above.
> > >
> > > You might want to look at one of the DTD to HTML if your need is for
> > > presentation.
> > >
> > > I use emacs, dtd-mode from Tony Graham for editing DTD's.
> > > Validation I'd take as a separate issue, using your favourite
> > > parser.
> > > dtd-mode has most of the features I need.
> > > Downside? No wysiwyg mode. That's just frustrating working
> > > with DTD's.
> > >
> > > HTH DaveP
> >
> >Thanks for your comments, but, not sure I understand DTD to HTML.... We
> > don't deliver in html, if that's what you're thinking. At least, not at
> > this point. Everything is pdf.
> You say above that you deliver technical documentation?
> I interpreted that as documentation on the DTD's.
Now that I re-read my original post I understand the confusion. I should have 
I'm looking for a DTD/Schema aware editor suitable for User, Technical, and 
mixed documentation (e.g. Release Notes) that can save to xml.
The  other points still count, wrt cost, O/S, etc., and users.
> >By validation I mean the editor is DTD aware; that is, it won't let you
> >put in
> >tags that would violate the DTD, or if it does it tells you in loud words.
> >XMLMind does that. I was hoping not to spend too much time actually
> > editing DTDs. If I get into customization, etc., I might do a bit, but at
> > the moment I'm still learning about the whole concept.
> Two things there.
> Editing the DTD is one thing,
> Editing the XML or SGML instance that is valid to that DTD is another.
> I guess you mean the second item?
> Again emacs is good for that, psgml-mode or nxml-mode, but I guess
> your need for wysiwyg means its no good to you.
Yes, the second. I don't expect to edit the DTD much once it's set up. wysiwyg 
is not vital but preferable.

> Expensive, but very very good, Epic is a very good editor
> that you may like.
 Epic is one that is on the list of possibilities, but as you say, expensive.

> HTH DaveP
thanks again
Sometimes it's just time to shoot the engineer and start production.

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