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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: freedomenregy@gov.us

Kevlar suits, lined with lead, can effectively block ELF waves and prevent brain entrainment. Don Croft is convinced that the presence of DOR (Wilhelm Reich's acronym for Deadly Orgone energy) is necessary for these mind control towers to work. Don maintains that an orgone generating device called a Holy Handgrenade can transmute DOR into the more positive, life affirming form of orgone called "OR" by discoverer Wilhelm Reich. Don and his wife feel that removing the DOR component from the environment of an ELF tower, will mitigate the mind control function. He may be right. I can't say for sure, but it's worth your time to at least read about this easy-to-build orgone generator and acquaint yourself with the topic. I have seen the effectiveness of another orgone generating device, the Chembuster, to disperse and clear the sky of chemtrails. Many people have reported that the Chembuster can break up chemtrails and return the sky to a normal color of blue.

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