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Subject: Re: [docbook] Docbook combined with a website

On Sun 2004-07-04 Frans Englich wrote:
> > > Is it possible to simply view the docbook files of the web, or
> > > do they need to be processed first? (can they be viewed as they
> > > are in a browser, or do they need to be exported into a viewing
> > > format)
> >
> > I suggest (X)HTML and PDF. You could for example use the
> > docbook.sf.net XSLTs, a manual is available at
> Which means I don't have to export it to separate files

No I didn't say or imply that.

> - I just mentions the XSL stylesheet of my choice in the docbook
> file and its rendered on the fly to HTML. Right? :)

This would work eg in cases where you can expect the browser to know
XSLT, and where you have one output file. But typically the
transformation is much more complex, one document gets transformed to
many interlinked XHTML files for example; and you might want to
support older browsers as well.

Also, the DocBook to XSLFO transformation plus the FO to PDF
conversion typically takes many seconds, so you probably will want to
serve static PDF files (which I also recommend for all other output
formats, eg (X)HTML).

But as I hinted in my previous reply, the docbook-apps list is more
appropriate for all topics related to transforming DocBook, tools,
viewing, serving, etc.

> I realize I could use a book on XML technologies in general. Perhaps
> you have any good suggestions?

You wrote "I am comfortable with the various XML standards and DTDs",
so you could dive right in :)

I really recommend to write some DocBook XML document (or mark up some
existing text), then check out






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