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Subject: proposed guidelines on DocBook RFE acceptance criteria

The DocBook Technical Committee is soliciting feedback on a set of 
proposed guidelines. The guidelines will explain how the TC decides which 
Requests for Enhancement (RFEs) it will implement.

If you have comments on the guidelines statement proposed below, please 
respond to this mail.

================ Proposed Guidelines ==================================
The DocBook Technical Committee, as part of its commitment to maintaining 
DocBook, responds to Requests for Enhancement (RFEs) submitted by the 
DocBook user community. The likelihood that a submitted RFE will be 
implemented is determined by the degree to which it meets the following 

a.  The change is within the scope of the TC's  charter  (see 
b.  The change is consistent with the existing DocBook model.
c.  The change is of general benefit to the community of users. The more 
widely beneficial a requested change appears to be to the overall user 
community, the more likely it is that the TC will implement is.

Thanks for giving us your feedback on this.

Nancy Harrison
IBM Rational Software
Phone: 781-676-2535

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