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Subject: subsection


I'm running into something that doesn't quite work like I'd like:

This page has a nicely generated index of all the commands that are


It's a top level section and everything works out just fine:

  <section id="commands">
    <title>Hecl Commands</title>

      These commands are part of the Hecl core and are always present.

    <!-- = -->
    <refentry id="equality">

Where things don't work out quite like I'd like is here:


I want a section with all commands contained in extensions, and I would
like to have indexes for those sections as well, so that it's possible
to click on a link to the command, instead of having to wade through all
the 'next' links.

Known problem?  Easy solutions without introducing massive custom .xsl

David N. Welton
- http://www.dedasys.com/davidw/

Linux, Open Source Consulting
- http://www.dedasys.com/

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