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Subject: Re: [docbook] email in author tag

Kai Hendry <hendry@iki.fi> writes:

> On 2005-10-16T23:32+0900 Michael Smith wrote:
> >   xmlto html-nochunks resume.xml
> > That will generate a "resume.html" file, and it will contain your
> > e-mail address where expected.
> Why doesn't docbook2html or rather:
> jw -f docbook -b html "$@"
> Do this?

Dunno. As I guess you know, all the db2* and docbook2* commands
are just scripts that are wrappers around jw. And jw itself is
also just a wrapper script that calls jade(1) or openjade(1) along
with the DocBook DSSSL stylesheets. So I suppose that by default
the DocBook DSSSL stylesheets do not include e-mail addresses on
title pages.

xmlto calls xsltproc(1) along with the DocBook XSL stylesheets.
The DocBook XSL stylesheets do by default include e-mail addresses
on title pages.

> Hmm, it doesn't entity encode my email address.
> http://www.wbwip.com/wbw/emailencoder.html

You can file a feature request for that -


> It would be nice if I could attach a style sheet.

You mean a CSS stylesheet? You can -


Complete info on working with the DocBook XSL toolchain here:


> I really don't like the table of contents and the way hyperlinks aren't
> working. :/

I don't know what you mean about the hyperlinks. Or what's wrong
with the table of contents.

> I've updated my Makefile in a temporary location here:
> http://trac2.natalian.org/index.cgi/file/projects/shopping-list/Makefile

I couldn't view that. I'm getting:

  HTTP request sent, awaiting response...

And still waiting.

Seems there is a problem with that web server.


Michael Smith

Digital signature

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