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Subject: Re: [docbook] Whatever happened too CSS+XML?

Noah Slater wrote:

> Not at all. One of the benefits of using RELAX NG is that it supports
> multiple namespaces [1]. You are free to embed SVG and XHTML markup
> inside a DocBook document. This is perfectly valid [2]. From section
> "Why switch to DocBook V5.0?" we have:
> "DocBook V5.0 is more extensible. Having DocBook V5.0 in a separate
> namespace allows you to easily mix DocBook markup with other XML based
> languages like SVG, MathML, XHTML or even FooBarML."

I know this sentence, actually I typed it on the same keyboard as this 
email message ;-)

It is perfectly legal and meaningful to place SVG image, MathML equation 
or XHTML form inside DocBook document, because DocBook doesn't provide 
native markup for such things. And although you can *technically* place 
XHTML link or image inside DocBook document, it is nonsense because 
DocBook has native elements for links and images. Moreover DocBook 
markup is usually much more powerful and semantically richer then 
similar XHTML markup.

If something is allowed it doesn't necessary mean that it should be 
really done. You are probably allowed to jump from 10th floor, but you 
will agree with me that it is not very good idea after all. Using 
<html:img> and <html:a> inside DocBook doesn't have so fatal impact on 
your life, but otherwise it is a very similar sort of idea.


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