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Subject: Re: [docbook] links within classsynopsis?

On Nov 14, 2005, at 1:24 AM, Michael Smith wrote:

> Thanks. I have just checked in a fix for this problem in both the
> FO and HTML stylesheets. (It also fixes manpages output, because
> the manpages stylesheet import the HTML stylesheet.) And I've
> moved status on the tracker item to Pending. Please test it and if
> you find any problems, post a dialog to the tracker item.
> Otherwise, you don't necessarily need to post any dialog there;
> status on it will automatically change to Closed after 14 days or
> so if no additional dialogs are posted.
>   --Mike

Thanks Mike.  That solves the problem.

Is there a reason that the java method/constructor/destructor  
synopsis puts line breaks between the methodparams but the C++  
sysopsis doesn't?  I've been hacking the C++ synopsis to make it act  
like the java one, since I have some methods with long argument lists.

  -- Steve

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