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Subject: Re: [docbook] New version of DocBook V5.0 howto is online


On Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2007, Thomas Schraitle wrote:
> [...]
> 1) What about XInclude and validation? I think that is really a "hot
> topic", as in DocBook 5 it is recommended to modularize it with
> XIncludes. Any hints about which tools or parameters are needed would
> be very helpful. Last time when I tried Jing it seems that it doesn't
> resolve XIncludes. Maybe something similiar like in [1]?
> 2) Maybe link in the FAQ[2] to the DocBook Wiki? For example to [3]?
> 3) The section "Improved cross-referencing and linking" contains a link
> to http://www.w3.org/TR/xml-id/ for xml:id, but the 4th paragraph in
> "Relaxing with DocBook" does not contain something similar for
> xml:lang. Maybe link to [4]?

Forgot one more issue:

4) How to reference the DocBook 5 schema? Is there any official URI? Can I 
use [1], is it stable enough? The examples just reference 
to "docbook.rng" or "docbook.rnc". I assume, the examples are built with 
simplicity in mind which is ok. However, not everybody have or want the 
Schemas saved in the same place than the document. For DocBook 4 there 
were these two identifiers which were resolved through XML catalogs. It 
would be really helpfuly to have something similiar for DocBook5 in this 
regard. Any official recommendation?


[1] http://www.docbook.org/xml/5.0CR7/rng/docbook.rng

Thomas Schraitle

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