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Subject: Re: [docbook] invalid characters for ISO-8859-1 response

On 11/1/07, David Cramer <dcramer@motive.com> wrote:
> > Absolutely, but I'm getting "A-hat" characters in the xhtml
> > output...because my server is sending it as ISO-8859-1. If I
> > can change the input xml doc to use ISO-8859-1 and also
> > customize the xsl:output to output ISO-8859-1 --- if I
> > inderstand correctly, that
> > *should* fix my problem, right? without need to refactor all
> > the entities in en.xml to literals.
> >
> > Sorry for dragging this thread on forever, it is a problem I
> > didn't understand last time I dealt with it at an academic
> > level, and still am not -- seeing as how it is nearly the
> > exact same scenario (xml/xslt to xhtml). I have never had
> > this problem before when hand-coding.
> I haven't been reading this thread closely, but could you be seeing the
> issue described on this page (scroll down to "Odd characters in HTML
> output"): http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/SpecialChars.html
> David

Yup, that's exactly it. server trumps meta tag though for http-equiv
content-type. Since I can't change that without a regression test and
lots of questions, I'm going to use a customized en.xml which removes
the unicode non-breaking spaces.

Anthony Ettinger
Ph: 408-656-2473
var (bonita, farley) = new Dog;
farley.barks("very loud");
bonita.barks("at strangers");


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