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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook SCs

Scott Hudson wrote:
> We worked with Norm Walsh to define what the "core DocBook" set of 
> elements should be, and what elements should be defined in a hardware
>  module, software module, publishing module (after all what software
> docs need poems?), etc.

Sounds like the right approach.  After all, what publisher of poems 
needs a hardware or software module :-?

> Norm had already organized the schemas a fair amount in this
> direction, and we helped to formalize it a bit. The new DocBook v5.0
> schemas are designed with this modularity in mind, and allows new
> modules to be defined either with custom modules or as future
> committee developments.

Is this organization what's described in
http://docbook.org/tdg5/en/html/ch02.html#ch02-logdiv, under headings 
like "User interfaces" and "Programming languages and constructs"?  Is 
there a description somewhere of the further formalization?

> If you could all do me a favor and tap your favorite XML Editor
> vendor and make sure they add support for RelaxNG (full and compact
> syntax) validation, it would go a long way. I've tried pinging them,
> and they say there's just not enough customer demand yet. 

XMLmind v5 supports this, unless there's something I'm missing:
    Mike Maxwell
    "We signify something too narrow when we say:
    Man is a grammatical animal. For although there
    is no animal except man with a knowledge of grammar,
    yet not every man has a knowledge of grammar."
    --Martianus Capella, "The Seven Liberal Arts"

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