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Subject: Re: [docbook] marking up a play

Nic Gibson wrote:

>> personae (sp?) is a needed wrapper?
>> Nothing at http://wiki.docbook.org/topic/PublishersMinimalElements  that
>> strikes me as clear for
>> <cast>
>> <role>
>> <name>Othello</
>> <para> A right tart</
>> </
>> </
>> It is a bit 'peculiar' to a play Scott?

> We added <direction> as a block level element and <inlinedirection> as
> an inline element. We felt that these had enough additional semantic
> value that it was worth adding. We definitely thought that they were
> drama specific - they would work for screenplays as well as stage
> plays I think.

What of the persona Nic? (Only goes back to 1958 as 'personas')

How did you mark up the cast of characters?


Dave Pawson

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