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Subject: Re: [docbook] How do I tell keycap+ from keycap keypad+

On 14/01/11 18:01, Krzysztof Żelechowski wrote:
> Dnia czwartek, 13 stycznia 2011 o 15:57:47 Krzysztof Żelechowski napisał(a):
>> How do I tell
>>   <keycap>+</keycap>
>> from
>>   <keycap>+</keycap>
>> where one of them is in the keypad and should be rendered with a gray background?
> Additionally, I feel uneasy about the keycap concept in general.  How do I write "please press '+'"?
>    *<keycap>+</keycap>?
>    *<keycap>Shift</keycap>  <keycap>+</keycap>?
>    *<keycap>Shift</keycap>  <keycap>=</keycap>?
>    *<keycap>Shift</keycap>  <keycap>+/=</keycap>?
>    * anything else?

I only prefix with Shift for letters (where there would be ambiguity). 
For other symbols I rely on the reader knowing that you need to press 
Shift to get the + sign.

Another way would be something like 
<keycombo>keycap>Shift</keycap><keycap>+</keycap></keycombo> and rely on 
the processing software to look up the +, construct a graphic of the +/= 
key, and prefix it with a graphic of the Shift key.

Even better, just say <keycap function="shift">+</keycap> (provided you 
don't have a policy that all documents must remain usable when stripped 
of element markup :-)

It's a difficult call if you don't know the readership. Complete novices 
would need to know to press Shift, but at some stage we have to draw the 
line between catering for complete novices and annoying everyone else 
with non-relevant information each and every time...


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