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Subject: Re: [docbook] GSoC 2011 project idea

Em 06-02-2011 18:24, Justus-bulk@Piater.name escreveu:
> Here's a big, fat +1 from me (or is there a formal voting process
> somewhere?)
Yes, there will be among mentors once DocBook is accepted by Google as a 
participating organization. However, thanks for expressing your 
interest. Each feedback is valuable to me and to mentors, as well, 
because it will help them judging what improvements users are interested in.
> I'm a DB-slides power user and would love to be able to move to DB 5.
> If you have spare capacities for this GSoC project (and I would guess
> so), why not use this opportunity to add some useful functionality to
> DB-slides?
The project is meant to be a complete review and redesign of DocBook 
Slides, those points are just the most crucial ones that I highlighted 
in my previous mail. Beside this, I want to collect feedback from users 
and consider their needs, so every feedback and suggestion is very 
welcome. I've bookmarked the link you sent me. If you or someone else 
can point out something more, which is interesting for this project, 
please do!


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