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Subject: Re: [docbook] RFE: RDFa in Docbook 5

On 12/14/2011 01:45 AM, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> On 13.12.2011 16:33, Joshua Wulf wrote:
>> Initially we stored the topics in an svn repository; wrote some
>> command-line automation around creating and retrieving them; use
>> xi:include over http to build using them; put our metadata into comments
>> in the xml; and used OpenGrok to index the svn repository and provide
>> our discovery mechanism for authors.
>> This year we moved our metadata store into a relational database. That's
>> when we really started to notice things, because suddenly we could query
>> it using SQL.
>> The obvious kinds of "programmatic recombination", if you will, are
>> something like: "Give me all the Concepts for this Platform, Grouped by
>> Technology Component, ordered alphabetically" = hey presto, a glossary.
>> My understanding is that a SPARQL query could do this kind of thing, but
>> I'm not sure if profiling could.
> I still know very little about your requirements. But from what I have
> read so far I think that RDF can be overkill. You will get much more
> benefit if you will both store your content and metadata into one
> repository and then use it naturally together.
> You can replace combination of SVN+relational database with XML database
> such as eXist or MarkLogic. This way you will be able to query both
> content and metadata at the same time, using single query language
> XQuery which in my opinion is much more easier to use then SPARQL for
> typical tasks.

Mmmmm... I hadn't thought through the implications of combined content /
metadata search in an split xml / RDF setup.

You're right. Whatever we go with we need to be able to perform queries
that incorporate both the text content and the metadata.

Let me look into XQuery. MarkLogic has no "Download" link on their
website, but eXist is on sourceforge. :-)

Thanks again!

- Josh

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