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Subject: Re: [docbook] Status attribute

Hi Togan,

Am Sonntag, 14. April 2013, 13:03:52 schrieb Togan Muftuoglu:
> [...] 
> However status attribute is not one of the common attributes, 

That's true for DocBook 4.5 and >=5.0.

> hence I
> cannot use this attribute in variablelist or term elements (just to name
> a few, as I am sure there are other cases as well).

Right, status is only allowed on division elements like book, chapter, etc.

Is there a special reason why you need it in a variablelist and not on its 
division parent element? I'm not sure if I understand your user case.

Usually, a variablelist is not published separatly, it's normally embedded 
inside a section, a chapter, or a book. This parent element can have a status 
attribute which "derives" its status to all its child elements.
Adding a status attribute only on a variablelist doesn't make sense to me. 

The closest attribute to status may be a revision or condition attribute, 
which are allowed on very element.

  Thomas Schraitle

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