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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook 5: Removing XLinks for Block Elements?


On Mon, 9 Feb 2015 17:36:28 +0100
Thomas Schraitle <tom_schr@web.de> wrote:

> I fear I have to redefine all(?) patterns for block elements. 
> [...]

It seems to me, there is no other way than redefining ALL(!)
db.ELEMENT.attrlist patterns and remove db.common.linking.attributes
from it.

This leads to more than 250 lines(!) only to remove linking
capabilities from block elements! Wow! If you don't want XLinks in
division and navigational elements as well, add another 130 lines(!) to
this number.

Well, these are lots of lines, just to make this distinction. The
customization is not difficult, it's just the amount of lines that
strikes me as odd. This is unnecessarily user unfriendly.

Another reason why I'm skeptical about my solution: it's a lot
of repetition plus I loose any improvements when I upgrade from 5.1 to
5.2. More code means more areas of problems. ;)

> We could define a db.common.block.attributes and a
> db.common.inline.attributes pattern to make customization easier.
> Bascially it is the same, but it would allow developers to customize
> just inline or block elements in one fell swoop. I guess, there are
> other use cases not only for XLink attributes. :)

I would *really* appreciate any user friendly pattern which I can
customize to make this change. IMHO this is an issue in the current RNG

Adding the distinction between block and inline elements in the DocBook
schema doesn't change its semantic. It's just a structural correction
to make customization easier. This is what we are all about, right? ;)

What's the opinion of the DocBook experts? Norm? Bob? Others? :)


    Thomas Schraitle

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