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Subject: Mourning the death of Uri Resnitzky

Dear Ezer,
Dear DSS-Community,
Dear Relatives, Friends & Colleagues of Uri Resnitzky,

allthough formal reasons caused a delay in sending this
message, the following obituary nevertheless has the full
commitment of the members of the OASIS DSS-X TC and we think
of all parties interested in the digital signature services
standard known as DSS.


The OASIS DSS-X TC mourns the sudden death of its member, Uri Resnitzky, 
who passed away in November 2007, at the age of 42.

He has gone far too early and we appreciate his many important 
contributions to the standards defined by this TC and the former DSS TC.

Uri had indeed a very important participation in the former DSS TC and 
also in the preparation of the DSS-X TC.

His contribution in both committees was of great importance,  also his 
efforts for the disemination of the results of both TCs were very
important for both committees.

We hereby express our deep condolences to the relatives, friends and 
colleagues Uri left behind.


Stefan Drees and Juan Carlos Cruellas
(Chairs of the OASIS DSS-X TC)

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