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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Fwd: Question about PEPPOL

Please find below the answer of Jon Olnes regarding my initial question concerning the standardisation of the PEPPOL OASIS DSS profile.

With kind regards

Ernst Jan

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: SV: Request from the OASIS Digital Signature Services eXtended (DSS-X) TC
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 14:46:09 +0000
From: Ølnes Jon <jon.olnes@difi.no>
To: Apitzsch, Jörg (bos) <ja@bos-bremen.de>, "ejvn@sonnenglanz.net" <ejvn@sonnenglanz.net>
CC: Schipplick, Frank (bos) <fs@bos-bremen.de>, Thölken, Lars (bos) <lt@bos-bremen.de>, mondorf@uni-koblenz.de <mondorf@uni-koblenz.de>, marcin.kalinowski@unizeto.pl <marcin.kalinowski@unizeto.pl>, alla.stoliarowa@unizeto.pl <alla.stoliarowa@unizeto.pl>

Dear Mr. van Nigtevecht (and Jörg – copying some other fellow PEPPOL’ers)


Quoting first your request as forwarded in the chain Ansgar -> Frank -> Jörg -> me.

As a member of the OASIS DSS-X committee (OASIS Digital Signature Services eXtended (DSS-X) TC) we would like to contact you regarding the work in the PEPPOL project, especially the deliverable: D1.1 Requirements for Use of Signatures in Public Procurement Processes Part 6: OASIS DSS Interface Specification On page 6 it states: "The specification should be promoted as an OASIS DSS standard profile. PEPPOL will consider submission and follow up to OASIS; this process will necessarily lead to changes in specifications." We would like to start the promotion of this specification as an OASIS profile, but need of course your initiative and contribution. Does PEPPOL already consider a submission to OASIS? How could we start it up? I'm looking forward to your reply. Note: I have tried to contact Mark Ernst (me@bos-bremen.de) and Jon Ølnes (jon.olnes@dnv.com) by email, but their email addresses were not correct. With kind regards Ernst Jan van Nigtevecht Member of OASIS Digital Signature Services eXtended (DSS-X) TC -- Sonnenglanz Consulting B.V. Ernst Jan van Nigtevecht Contact details: http://business.ernstjan.vannigtevecht.tel



A brief status of the OASIS DSS work in PEPPOL is as follows:

-          The specification has been updated in Deliverable D1.3, see http://www.peppol.eu/work_in_progress/wp-1-esignature/results/deliverable-1.3-demonstrator-and-functional-specifications-for-cross-border-use-of-esignatures-in-public-procurement/deliverable-1.3 The changes are mainly editorial; no substantial changes (see below).

-          There is no plan to use the OASIS DSS interface for pilots in PEPPOL as no actor has committed to provide the interface.

-          Correspondingly, no PEPPOL resources are at present used to promote or develop the interface.

-          The specification is free to use and it would be a pleasure if the work could be of use in ongoing OASIS DSS-X work. Please feel free to reuse whatever you find useful!

-          However, PEPPOL as a project will not have available resources to support standardisation work (Frank and Lars – please object if you disagree with this view), and with high probability neither will any individual partner in PEPPOL.


Quoting from D1.3 part 6, section 1.4:

“Since the publication of PEPPOL Deliverable D1.1 end April 2009, no actor has committed to provision of an OASIS DSS interface for PEPPOL pilots. Thus, to prioritise resource usage, no further work has been done on this interface specification.


The only material changes since D1.1 are addition of references to the ongoing OASIS DSS-X work and some updates resulting from changes to other parts of D1.3 from the D1.1 version (e.g. namespaces as defined in both this document and the XKMS part, D1.3 part 5, have changed).


In addition, some restructuring of the document has been done, notably dividing the content into several chapters with fewer levels of section headers.”



The following is a brief history of the OASIS DSS work in PEPPOL.


The work was initiated by DNV (http://www.dnv.com) when DNV was subcontractor in PEPPOL until end April 2009. The intention was that DNV’s VA (Validation Authority) service would be offered to PEPPOL pilots based on the OASIS DSS profile. However, DNV’s management decided to abandon the VA service (actually the service was transferred to Nets, then BBS, and is now their Global Validation Authority – see http://www.bbs-nordic.com/en/Solutions-and-Services/eSecurity/Global-Validation-Service). BBS was not allowed to “inherit” DNV’s subcontractor position in PEPPOL. I am not sure how far Nets (BBS) has gone towards implementing the interface. I suggest that you ask Jon Shamah – jsham@nets.eu – for further information.


DNV left PEPPOL end April 2009. Personally, I left DNV and went on to Difi to continue work in PEPPOL.


PEPPOL pilots on e-signature interoperability will be staged by use of services compliant with the XKMS interface specified in D1.3 part 5, which is a new version of D1.1 part 5. Two approaches are tested – note that these are mutually compliant:

-          National validation nodes are instantiated based on software from bremen online services (bos).  Nodes for Germany, France, Italy and Greece will be established – some of these may cover more than one country.

-          Following a call for tender, Difi has signed an agreement with Unizeto (Poland) for provision of validation services for pilots. In addition to covering as broad as possible alone, the service will hook onto the national network. See http://www.peppol.eu/News/news-archive/electronically-signed-agreement-on-esignature


While provisioning of the OASIS DSS interface is an option in the contract between Unizeto and Difi, there is at present no plan for realisation of this option.


It is acknowledged that an OASIS DSS service would be beneficial to PEPPOL pilots but as stated, priorities in PEPPOL have not been in favour of further work on the interface.




Best regards

- Jon


Jon Ølnes

Senior Advisor

National Programme for e-ID Infrastructure in Public Sector

Difi - Agency for Public Management and eGovernment

P.O.Box 8115 Dep, N-oo32 Oslo, Norway



Mobile: +47 478 46 094





Fra: Apitzsch, Jörg (bos) [mailto:ja@bos-bremen.de]
Sendt: 11. april 2011 14:24
Til: ejvn@sonnenglanz.net
Kopi: Ølnes Jon
Emne: Request from the OASIS Digital Signature Services eXtended (DSS-X) TC


Dear Mr. van Nigtevecht,

concerning your request to the PEPPOL project concerning our OASIS DSS profile, I send you the actual mail address of Jon Olnes jon.olnes@difi.no, who is the most important PEPPOL WP1 member concerning this issue. I already forwarded your request to Jon yesterday, but actually can't reach him by phone. I'm sure, you'll get in bilateral contact soon - otherwise feel free to come back to myself.

Best regards

Jörg Apitzsch

bos | bremen online services GmbH & Co. KG
Am Fallturm 9
D- 28359 Bremen

Telefon: +49 (421) 204 95 - 39
Telefax: +49 (421) 204 95 - 11
Mobil:    +49 (172) 545 5376

E-Mail : ja@bos-bremen.de
Skype: joerg.apitzsch


bremen online services
Entwicklungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Aufsichtsratsvorsitzende Gisela Schwellach
Amtsgericht Bremen HRA 22041

Persönlich haftender Gesellschafter:
bremen online services Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
Geschäftsführer: Dr. Stephan Klein
Amtsgericht Bremen HRB 18756


On 7-4-2011 8:05, Ernst Jan van Nigtevecht wrote:
4D9D5440.9080507@Sonnenglanz.net" type="cite">
Dear all,

In the context of the European project PEPPOL, an OASIS DSS profile has been developed last year. It's specified in the document 
D1.1 v1.3 Part 6 OASIS DSS Interface Specification.pdf
and can be found at:

It even has an identifier:

and a namespace:

But as far as I know it is not published as a profile on the OASIS website.
I think we have to take a look at it and see if it should be published on the OASIS website. 
Please take notice of the remark on page 6 of the document:

"The specification should be promoted as an OASIS DSS standard profile. PEPPOL will consider submission and follow up to OASIS; this process will necessarily lead to changes in specifications."

With kind regards

Ernst Jan

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