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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Quick Poll for Async Protocol: Standalone profile or sub-section in the core?

I meant: in favor to put the asynchronous profile into the core  :-) 

Ernst Jan

On 22 Apr 2018, at 14:44, Ernst Jan van Nigtevecht <EJvN@Sonnenglanz.net> wrote:


My first impression was:

"The mechanism is related to the transport layer, it may not be the proper solution to put it into the core."

and also thought:

"Should the core be 'transport' agnostic?"

For instance, the WS-Polling may support this already (https://www.w3.org/Submission/ws-polling/) but maybe it is a dead proposal (I did not check it completely)


WS-Polling defines a special URI that is similar to the anonymous URI defined by WS-Addressing, meaning the client is unable to offer an endpoint for responses:


Use of this URI in the wsa:ReplyTo EPR of a request message will indicate to the service that the client will use WS-Polling to retrieve the response if the response does not come back through some other means (such as the HTTP response flow). When the service receives a request containing this URI in the wsa:RepyTo EPR it can immediately return an HTTP response code of 202 back to the client - with the assumption that the client will poll for the response at some later point in time.


But for 'ease of use' and the situation that most services are probably synchronous, the async profile can help in the adoption.

So I am in favor.


Ernst Jan

Andreas Kuehne wrote:
Hi all,

here is a question that nags me for some time:

Should we keep the Async Profile or should we merge it into the core?

There are good reasons for both:

Into the core:

- async is used by many applications

- async is quit small compared to the profile

- It is nasty to deal with a separate profile for this little functionality

Separate profile:

- Focus the core on the 'minimal viable product'

- Don't irritate readers with details they may never use

- Async describes a quite simple way to solve the requirement. Other
solutions may show up

What's your opinion?

Greetings and have nice early-summer weekend,


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