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At 03:38 PM 9/15/2003 +0200, Juan Carlos Cruellas wrote:

> >Perhaps we can revisit the requirement.  I'm not sure it's important to be
> >able to select particular parts of Input Documents.  Doing (3) would make
> >things easier.
><JC>Yes, it wouId but I am not sure of  that in the view of the fact that
>the requirement
>of this capability for selection parts of the documents is one of the
>requirements ....
>One thing that could help would be to check this requirement against the
>use cases
>considered by this group... And try to answer to questions like "would it
>be useful to be able
>to do such requests to a signature server from a  workflow system based in
>XML documents,
>where from one document certain agents could be interested in extract
>certain parts and sign
>preciselly those parts? "</JC>

If all you need to do is sign certain parts, you can do that with 
"signature transforms".  The question is:
  1) do you need to envelope only certain parts from an input document?
  2) if so, is it worth having the server do this instead of having the 
client apply the "selection transform" on his own?

What are the uses for enveloping signatures?  If the only common use is for 
Signature Properties, then these can easily be passed as separate Input 
Documents, and we don't need the server to have to extract and envelope 
parts of Input Documents.


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