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Subject: Action 05-04-18-05: use of xs:any

Dear all,

In the last conf call we were talking about the usage of
<xs:any> within a <xs:choice>...
Currently there are two potential solutions to the Unique
Particle Attribution problem that our current schema does have:

1. The approach suggested by Konrad: use
 <xs:any namespace="#other" processContents="lax"/>

This particle stands for any element DEFINED OUTSIDE the
namespace defined for the core. In case that in the future
some of the choices could be another element of the core not
present in the list of choices at that moment, it would be
necessary to change the xml schema and add an explicit
mention to that element. We should also make sure that any
profile profiling the contents of one of this choices by
adding new elements, should have its own namespace.

2. To use the <dss:AnyType> already defined in the core.
This avoids any consideration about the namespace of its
contents, but introduces a new level in the xml tree....

Does anybody have a special preference for one of them?


Juan Carlos.

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