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Subject: IBM BI-ICS

This morning at the XML.gov monthly meeting[1] I saw a presentation
given by Scott Hinkleman of IBM on IBM's new "Business Integration -
Information Conformance Standards (BI-ICS)" specification[2]. I found it
quite interesting, and thought I'd provide a few comments here. Although
not available as of this e-mail, the presentation should be available at
the XML.gov site[3] within the next few days, if IBM does make it

BI-ICS essentially lives at what IBM calls the "Business Level" of the
Web Services stack, above "Service Composition" (where WS BPEL,
WS-Transaction, etc. live). I know - it sounds like the "ebXML area" of
the stack, so we might very well expect some overlap in this and future
specs - as BI-ICS is apparently one of 4 planned "specification areas"
for this "framework" (my own use of this term) which is as of yet

Another area will be "Business Payload Composition", which - Scott
Hinkleman stated - "has its roots in ebXML Core Components", and
specifies a "context-driven approach" to payload composition (overlaps,
anyone?). Scott did, however, state that BI-ICS is "not IBM's answer to

IBM is soliciting interest in advancing BI-ICS to an open standards

Let the discussions begin...

Kind Regards,

[1] http://xml.gov/agenda/20040317.htm
[2] http://xml.coverpages.org/ni2004-02-02-a.html
[3] http://xml.gov/presentations.asp

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