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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] New Chair - John Hardin

>> <dale> and the ebXML JC serves as a forum for how this coordination
>> and alignment can occur.</dale>  
> mackenzie: I think that the JC is another issue that needs to be 
> somehow addressed.  I have observed its operation for a few months 
> now, and it does not seem to serve a really useful purpose as configured.
> Can somebody explain to me what it is supposed to be doing for us, and 
> why what it does cannot just be done informally or in a more inclusive 
> manner? 

mm1: Matt, reviewing minutes may only partially indicate any ongoing 
work or progress.  To your question re: the JC, it has made progress 
(albeit slowly). For example, ebMS-CPPA-ebBP have been using that forum 
to aid in aligning new specification versions, and encourage comment 
from other JC members. This helps provide the capability to continue to 
evolve the architecture of the set of ebXML components (even if 
loosely). As you have resigned as ebSOA editor, who will ebSOA consider 
to propose as a JC member, or is a question for John (Hardin)? Thank you.

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