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Subject: Re: [ebxml-iic-conform] review test case material for MS conformance


   I am attaching a jpg image of a potential schema showing how MIME header values could be
incorporated into our XML syntax for specifying test cases and test steps.  Please disregard the
naming "Sendmessage" ( as opposed to "PutMessage") and "ReceiveMessage" ( as opposed to "GetMessage").

  This should be a relatively simple way to "tweak" values for messages we wish to send.
MIME header values in a returned message could be imported into XSLT/XPath parameter
values for evaluation in an XPath expression.


At 04:30 PM 9/17/2002 -0700, Jacques Durand wrote:

Mike, Matt:

here is my take on remaining issues (see attached), after review of
last version Mike sent out 9/8.

I propose to close on several issues with solutions that do not pretend to be final,
but will keep us going - and will allow for refinment later on (i.e. no throw away...).

The general idea is: Once the basics of the test case material are defined
(e.g. vocabulary/naming, msg material identification, CPA parameters, service/actions invoked,
error messages and types...) then it is enough to get going on remiaining test cases.
And we are already there (almost...). Let us not be stopped by:
-  issues raised by shortcomings of our material when describing more complex test cases,
- or by the ultimate formal representation of some artifacts (CPA, MIME construction)

Once we have an inital version of all cases, we'll be in a better position
to tackle difficult cases, and we'll be also in better position to refine our test material in a second pass.

Let us try to finalize these few remaining issues this week at latest,
so that the test case definitions can proceed.



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