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Subject: Re: [ebxml-jc] minutes (sort of) and next meeting...

Sorry All,

I had the meeting on my calendar and then received an emergency phone call 
from my parents...no all is not particularly well.

At 03:24 PM 10/10/2001 -0400, Karl F. Best wrote:
>Today we discussed most of the agenda items and planned the next
>attending: Dale, Ian, Philippe, Karl. absent: Lisa (who now owes us

Can I upgrade to the bagel category?

>NOTE - we had agreed on November 1st at noon Eastern, but I've just
>found out that I and my phone line aren't available until 1:00 pm;
>unless anyone objects I'll change the meeting to 1:00, which time
>everyone seemed okay with already.
>1. Liaisons: we discussed which liaisons were already set up, and that
>most TCs had more they needed to set up. Please proceed with these, and
>let me know if I can help with any.
>2. JC members: please let me know by early next week (officially the
>15th) who the additional representatives of your TC to the JC are. These
>are supposed to be decided 30 days before the first meeting, which is
>scheduled for Nov 15th.

I spoke with my TC about this and will let you know by the 15th.

>3, 4, and 5. Glossary and Architecture should be in a new TC. This is an
>issue to raise JMC meeting with CEFACT: will there be a joint
>Architecture team, or should each side have its own (there is already an
>Architecture team in ebTWG)
>6. Other TCs will be invited later. Too early to talk about it now.
>7. Orlando: Messaging in meeting in November to finsih up their spec
>before the December 1 deadline. CPPA may meet with them, IIC has little
>interest for Orlando. RegRep unknown as Lisa wasn't on the call.

Reg/rep is planning on giving Karl the Registry specs for the Dec. 1 
deadline.  We are tentatively scheduled to meet in Orlando, however many 
folks are having travel restrictions placed on them.

>Next planning meeting Nov 1st, at 1:00 pm eastern (new time). Agenda
>will be setting the agenda for the first official meeting on November
The day/time is fine with me.  If you want the call earlier, I could host 
it and provide the telecon line - Karl, let me know.

>Karl F. Best
>OASIS - Director, Technical Operations
>978.667.5115 x206
>karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org
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Lisa J. Carnahan
National Institute of Standards and Technology
100 Bureau Drive
Stop 8970
Gaithersburg, Md. 20899
(301) 975-3362

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