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Subject: T2 Issues in a Single Email: RE: T2 Type Attribute for Sender/Receiver


As I am compiling the Issues list, it will help me if emails contain a
single issue. If you have already submitted emails with more than one issue,
then there is no need to submit them again.


-----Original Message-----
From: David Fischer [mailto:david@drummondgroup.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 2:15 PM
To: Burdett, David
Cc: ebXML Msg
Subject: T2 Type Attribute for Sender/Receiver

The Sender and Receiver elements ( & each need a "Type"
attribute to match the To and From elements.  This is necessary since there
be multiple PartyId elements in a single TraceHeader.  As with To and From,
"Type" should default to URI.

Add another paragraph to

The PartyId MAY have a single type attribute (see section


David Fischer
Drummond Group.

Ian, do you still want each issue in a separate eMail?

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