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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] persistDuration

Title: persistDuration
David may be taking today off.  I'll jump in with an attempt at an answer.
The MessageId value is required to be unique.  We mean globally, universally and forevermore unique.  Based on that requirement, a duplicate message should never be created except as part of retries for reliable messaging (or through a faulty transfer).  MSH implementations are not required to remove messages from their persistent store immediately after their duration has expired, leading to other problems with identifier reuse.
The wording you've called out basically says the same thing as our equation relating retries and time to live plus "don't waste time and energy sending something after its time to live has expired".  I'd recommend including words to that effect in the description of sending MSH reliable messaging behaviour.
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Sent: Tuesday, 20 November 2001 18:17
Subject: [ebxml-msg] persistDuration


It seems to me the lines 1617-1618 about PersistDuration are not necessary, and even too restrictive from an
implementation perspective:
"If the PersistDuration has passed since the message was first sent, a Sending MSH SHOULD NOT resend a message with the same MessageId."

If the "same messageID" means a retry, this seems automatically implied by the relationship (stated elsewhere):
persistduration + datefirst > timetolive > time last retry
But if that means more generally a reuse of ID by a new message, then I would tend to think the opposite is OK:
 it is fine to reuse an ID once its persistDuration has expired on both sides... (wouldn't be a duplicate)


Jacques Durand

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