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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Call For Papers: ebXML track at XML Europe 2002

May 2002 will mark the first anniversary of the completion of the first
phase of ebXML, the open XML-based specification for global electronic
business. In celebration of this anniversary, and in recognition of the
world-wide support that ebXML has received, OASIS will be sponsoring a
one-day conference on Thursday, 23 May, 2002 in Barcelona, Spain, in
conjunction with the XML Europe 2002 conference.

The ebXML conference will be open to all XML Europe conference
attendees, as well as others who may attend the ebXML event  eparately.
The targeted audience for the ebXML conference is current and
prospective ebXML users, especially the various vertical and horizontal
industries in Europe.

ebXML Day in Barcelona is jointly organized by OASIS and UN/CEFACT, and
we invite participation from members of both these organizations, as
well as other industry groups that support ebXML, vendors and users of
ebXML products.

Our plans for the ebXML conference are as follows:

- An introduction to ebXML, the complete picture, the individual specs
and how they fit together.

- The business case of ebXML.

- Case studies/implementations of ebXML in specific industries.

- A panel discussion of lessons learned from implementing the ebXML
specifications in specific industries.

This announcement is a Call For Papers for this event. If you would like
to propose a presentation related to one of the above topics please send
your proposal to ebxml-Barcelona@oasis-open.org by 22 March 2002.
Proposals should include a presentation abstract and outline, list of
topics covered, which of the above categories the presentation fits
into, the expected audience, and a speaker bio.

Simon Nicholson,
Chair, ebXML Joint Coordinating Committee

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