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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] FW: [ebxml-msg-comment] Public Comment

Dale Moberg wrote:

>Dale> I am not certain what this means. The ebMS registry can be used to
>store ebXML information concerning business processes (BPSS instances)
>as well as profiles for messaging (CPPs and CPA templates). In the CPPA
>group, an editor's draft shows how a CPP could be used to support AS2,
>but it is not released. So an ebMS registry may eventually support
>profiles for AS2 if they emerge. If the question was, can a Registry be
>accessed using AS2, I think the answer at the moment is "no" [Including
>Farrukh on the list for confirmation on this.]
Hi Dale,

The ebXML Registry specifications describe the registry interface in 
abstract using UML and then define normative bindings to ebMS, SOAP and 
HTTP (rest). Currently in ebXML Registry version 3.0 there is no 
normative AS2 binding defined for the ebXML Registry abstract 
interfaces. Such a binding SHOULD be straightforward to do whether as 
part of a future version of the specs or as an implementation specific 
feature. For example, the freebXML Registry open source project is 
architected to support such new bindings rather painlessly on the core 
registry engine.

The ebXML Registry TC has not heard a demand for an AS2 binding to the 
registry interfaces and protocols. We are a community driven standard 
and if the demand exists for an AS2 binding we will definitely consider 
it. Thanks.


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