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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] [FWD: Re: Interoperability with Oracle B2B]

Title: Re: [ebxml-msg] [FWD: Re: Interoperability with Oracle B2B]
Hi all,

this issue is related to my earlier mail today about an error in the example in section 2.1.2 on MIME multi part packaging.  

It seems that like the example some vendors don’t use the angle brackets in the start parameter of the Content-Type MIME header of the multi part but do you use them in the Content-Id header of the actual part. And now this seems to confuse other products that cannot relate both...

The spec itself is however correct as it just refers to RFC 2387 on MIME multi part packaging, only the example is wrong.


On 05/10/2009 17:13, "David RR Webber (XML)" <david@drrw.info> wrote:


Can we clarify what the standard says here?  As it seems Oracle and Cleo have implemented this one way - other folks another.

Thanks, DW

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Interoperability with Oracle B2B
From: Julien R
Date: Mon, October 05, 2009 4:51 am
To: "Hermes 2.0 Discussion List"

Hi all,

We also have the same error (unable to internalize message, No parts
found in Multipart
InputStream) using a different adapter: Lexicom (Cleo).

We found that the Content-type start parameter value doesn't exactly
match the content-id value: The < and > symbols are not present in the
content-id. Example:

Request content-type value:
multipart/related; type="text/xml"; boundary="--------

First lines of request body:
Content-Id: <SOAP>
Content-Type: text/xml

We think Lexicom doesn't follow RFC 2387 because the content-id and
start parameter should match exactly.

We have also checked the EbMS v2.0 specification and it contains the
following example in section 2.1.2 message package:
Content-Type: multipart/related; type="text/xml";

Content-ID: <messagepackage-123@example.com>

Here the start and content-id parameters also do not match.  We
believe this is a mistake in the EbMS specifications. Further in
Appendix B there is an example where the start and content-id do match

We are awaiting clarification from the vendor of Lexicom (Cleo).

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