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Subject: Re: [election-services] Defining a trusted voting process - one disabilities concern


Just reviewed the EML docs and schemas and sent some public comments
to the OASIS comments list.  Some of this can be addressed now - but
other matters are going to need more work.  Are we on a timetable to
release EML 4.0 here - or do we have another release cycle here
to use up?  Otherwise a 4.5 release to catch these other matters
clearly is another option.

Thanks, DW

> David,
> Have you read the EML documents? This is a start on a viable process. At
> time, we felt we needed a reference process to help us define the schemas.
> We also felt that this process would vary a lot internationally. However,
> there are certain key points (mainly to do with trust) that can be
> standardised on an international basis.
> I would love to see the OASIS E&VSTC get involved in this, but I wonder if
> OASIS is the right place for this. On the other hand, it could be the only
> place that would take a truly international (rather than US-centric) view.
> Also, from a personal view, having spent a considerable time helping get
> to the stage it is, I would like any new initiative to use it.

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