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emergency-cap message

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Subject: FW: [emergency-cap] Groups - etl-v1.0-cn01-wd03.docx uploaded

As suggested, here for all in the SC to see, are the list of wd03 changes addressed in today’s CAP-SC meeting and should be completed in wd04 ETL document forthcoming.



On 10/7/2021 8:51 PM, Paulsen,Norm (ECCC) wrote:

Using the line numbers found in the wd03 document, here’s the list…


Line 156 -  extra blank

Line 189 – capital letter

Line 288 – extra period

Line 302 -  extra ‘s’ on the word ‘distribution’

Line 312 - the snippet “for this element” is present in WD03, but had been removed in the re-write.

Line 330 – missing comma

Line 338 – “as broad or narrow” should be “is broad or narrow”

Lines 343-352 – (section 3) 4 word tweaks not incorporated

Lines 354-407 – (section 3.1) 9 word tweaks and corrections not incorporated

Line 417 – missing the word “anticipated”

Line 468 – sentence ends with 4 periods

Line 569 - capital letter

Line 574 - capital letter


There are a few things, like extra spaces in text, that are in all copies and were just spotted now…


Line 44

Line 46

Line 252

Line 564

Line 720




Section 3.2 - Spectrum = Fire / Time, not copied over from my draft to yours

Section 3.3 – Spectrum = Fire / Urgency, not replaced from my draft to yours with… Spectrum Fire / Impact  

Section 3.4 – Spectrum = Infectious Disease / Action… seems like it should be retitled if we voted down Infectious Disease.


OET-200 in appendix B, should be “transport issue”



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