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Subject: Review of CAP Issue #3

ISSUE: 3 - Uppercase text in examples

DESCRIPTION: The commenter objects on human-factors grounds to the 
use of all uppercase text in the current example of a weather message.

PROPOSED CHANGE:  The commenter suggests we convert the weather text 
from its original, all-caps form, to an upper/lower case format.

DISCUSSION: While the commenter's point is well taken in general, it 
seems to be beyond both our scope and our power to control how 
originators will punctuate or capitalize their message texts.  In 
fact, the current example might actually be beneficial if it reminds 
implementers not to make unwarranted assumptions about the format of 
free-text fields.  Whether or not this example is changes would have 
no impact on existing implementations.

RECOMMENDATION:  Retain the weather example in the all-caps format.

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