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Subject: Review of CAP Issue #8

ISSUE: 8 - Suggestions for improvements in the normative references

DESCRIPTION: The commenter makes several recommendations for 
improving the Normative References section of the specification.

PROPOSED CHANGE:  The commenter makes the following suggestions:

1) A reference to the XML 1.0 specification should be provided in 
section 1.6 "Normative References."
2) There should also be normative references to ISO 8601, RFC3066, 
FIPS Publication 180-1, WGS-84 and the other references mentioned 

3) The CAP specification refers to RFC1766 when defining the language 
element. However, RFC1766 is obsolete. It was replaced by RFC3066 and 

4) The definition of the mimeType element refers to RFC1521. However, 
this RFC is also obsolete. According to the IETF,  it was obsoleted 
by RFC2045, RFC2046, RFC2047, RFC2048, RFC2049 and updated by RFC1590.

5) The specification refers to "namespaces" although namespaces are 
not defined in XML 1.0. 

DISCUSSION: Suggestions 1 and 5, above, depend on the resolution of 
item 22 as to whether we cast the CAP specification in terms of XML 
1.0 or 1.1.  The other three suggestions to expand and update the 
Normative References section seem appropriate and would appear to 
have no substantial impact on existing implementations.

RECOMMENDATION:  Make the edits per suggestions 2-4 above.  Act on 
suggestions 1 and 5 in accordance with the eventual resolution of 
issue 22.

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