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emergency-tep message

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Subject: Updates on SitRep and RIM

Hi Everyone,

Em-Msg SC: I have finished everything except Fig. 2 which I can't do acceptably, so I have asked Werner to help. Depending on his answer I will know if I can just zip up what we have and upload it so we can start the review, or if it makes more sense to wait so that the package really will be as complete as possible. I really don't like sending out documents with disclaimers that a diagram is waiting to be changed, but we also need to get your eyes onto the document to check it and make sure it is correct. I have held off on closing issues, choosing instead to mark them resolved until the SC votes the doc out. Then I can mark them all closed and we can move on.

EM-RIM, I'm really exceptionally tired and I have to rest now. So I can't really promise I will be rested enough to take on the RIM call. So if Werner or Jeff can take over, I would appreciate it. I may feel better sooner than I think, but like an iceberg, the SitRep work is only the visible portion of what I've been wrangling. I'm sure you don't need to know about the hidden stuff, but it has me at extreme low tide, energy-wise/healthwise.

Will update as soon as I know anything,

Rex Brooks
1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Phone: 510-898-0670

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