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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Out For Tomorrow's Call (4/15)

And I'm going to be half an hour late today... so I'd appreciate it 
if the non-Notification issues could be pushed to the top of the 

My most urgent priority from our end is getting final consensus on 
that Advisory Note... and a decision on how we proceed to get it sent 
(e.g., do we need blessing from farther up the OASIS food chain?)

Other notification issues will include:

- Getting the CAP contribution into our system (pending procedural 
guidance from Allen);

- Starting to build a data dictionary based on core ICS forms (David 
Hall is taking the first whack at selecting a list of those for us to 

- Getting requirements for the Incident Notification message (Gary 
Hamm has the lead there);

- Getting a side-by-side tabulation of data element names from the 
current CAP dictionary and the equivalents included in the Justice 
XML Data Dictionary so we can discuss how we want to proceed; and,

- Scheduling a Subcommittee working process (I'm thinking that'll be 
a lot easier once we're plugged into the OASIS structure so we can 
have our own mailing sub-list and archive.)

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's truly unavoidable.

- Art

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