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emergency message

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Subject: FW: Capital Wireless Integrated Network

Title: Message
The information on standards may be of some assistance. They are working in the same arena ( First Responders Incident Managment) as this TC for wireless.

Lieutenant John Aerts
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Records & Identification Bureau
Consolidated Criminal History Reporting System (CCHRS)
Program Manager

Phone    562 465 7876
Fax        323 415 2666
e-mail    aerts@lasd.org
Web       www.lasd.org




Good Morning


We are making progress at CapWIN and I wanted to share some documents with all of you. Tom Merkle our standards manager has just completed an overview of standards. This document outlines some of the issues and concerns in the world of standards. I have attached the document for your review.  tmerkle@capwin.org



Bruce Barney, Technical Director, wrote an article outlining the open system at CapWIN. This article was written for our monthly newsletter. You can review the newsletters and other information on our web site www.capwin.org . This article is attached for your review.   bbarney@capwin.org.





George Ake

Capital Wireless Integrated Network

6305 Ivey Lane

Greenbelt, Maryland 20770


301-614-3701  Voice

301-614-0581  Fax


CapWIN Standards report 05-20031.doc


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