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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] EM TC 08-26-03 Meeting Minutes

Couple of questions/comments, and I apologize for not being on the call.
Also, forgive my use of id attributes in my <snip> instances - I could
not restrain myself :)

<snip id="1">
Continued discussions on symbology for emergency management. 

      * When talk about symbology not talking about the artwork, color
        and content. 
      * Are referring to transport, communicate and interoperate. 
        Does the TC agree with that approach? Yes

Why not? Why should this not include the artwork? Especially if it can
be represented in SVG, preserving (if this was the concern) the XML
nature of the effort. Personally, I think including the artwork, even if
marked optional in the schema, is something we should do. Not saying
this is something we must do - just that I am not clear as to why we
would not want to do this.

<snip id="2">
Department of Homeland Security has taken the TC letter on board.

What "letter"? Didn't see anything else in the minutes describing such.

<snip id="3">
There are other project using CAP as well.

The MSG SC should attempt to gather a list of these and provide on their
Website. This could certainly be useful to help show how adoption is

<snip id="4">
Feedback Process

Rex can we get ideas from OASIS and see how it should work. 

      * In other groups someone took responsibility to review comments
        and post to TC list (numbered and dated) and scheduled TC to
        discuss at next TC call. Anyone who replied to that issue. That
        response rely would be contained in the thread. Good was to
        maintain continuity 
      * During course of discussion make decision as to whether to
        change spec or not 
      * Not responsible for responding back to individual.
Art so we use public comment list and TC list to list questions. One
person puts in order and gives identity and then discussed at TC level.
Art will take responsibility for reviewing the comments.

I think this process is perfect, and is also what I am accustomed to in
other efforts.


R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC

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