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Subject: RE: [wsrp] Re: [emergency] FYI: IBM, HP Release Proposed WebServic esSt andard

Title: RE: [wsrp] Re: [emergency] FYI: IBM, HP Release Proposed W
Thanks, Andre,

I'm running a time deficit this week and probably next, since the weekend is already overbooked again, and there are several items that I have to get out the door yesterday before I can focus my energy on my routine tasks again. One of those routine tasks is just doing this kind of homework/legwork (metaphorically speaking), so I really appreciate this note.

It points up an area many of us who work in multiple committees and even multiple standards bodies need to address. I don't necessarily mind the efforts that are going forward, but it might be wise to get a somewhat larger consensus before going to the length of crafting an entire speculative specification, especially where multiple models/vocabularies are available.

It is just a fact of life that everyone not in WSRF or WS-i, etc, starts out at a disadvantage if these specs are adopted without seriously recasting them to obviate the headstart gained by the members of these kinds of organizations/consortia if such specs are adopted substantially as is. I'm not advocating anything, I'm just indulging in the practice of stating the obvious just so that it is out on the table for the more gung ho among our willing helpers to consider as they plow on ahead of the rest of us.


At 10:07 AM +0000 1/23/04, Andre Kramer wrote:
I saw this in the framework FAQ http://www.globus.org/wsrf/faq.asp#wsrf4:
What are the plans for the WSRF specifications?
The authors plan to submit the specifications to an appropriate standard body in the near future. Already the drafts have been made available to the GGF OGSI working group for comment. However it may also be advantageous to standardize these specifications through OASIS, where most other web services specifications are done. In fact GGF and OASIS have been discussing ways to collaborate for some time now, and have issued a joint statement specifically addressing collaboration on OGSI and Web Services (see http://www.ggf.org for this statement).

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Subject: [wsrp] Re: [emergency] FYI: IBM, HP Release Proposed Web
ServicesSt andard

Hi Carl, Everyone,
I noticed this, too. Last week we had the eventing spec mentioned
below that included a notification element using subscription with
"event source" and "event sink" which I expressed some disapproval
for, though with some approval for as well, in the WSRP lists,
favoring instead the simpler "sender/receiver" model from a previous
paper. This week we have a notification spec. The eventual merging of
these two offerings is mentioned in the report. In particular, with
regard to how this merging is likely to occur, I wonder why this
effort is not being conducted within a standards body.
At 8:31 AM -0500 1/21/04, creed@opengis.org wrote:
>IBM, HP Release Proposed Web Services Standard Jan. 20, 2004
>More Stories on:
>WS-Notification provides a mechanism for standards-based
>communications of events within a network of computer systems.
>By Antone Gonsalves, TechWeb News
>IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and other high-tech companies on Tuesday
>released a Web services specification for interoperability between
>systems within a supply chain, grid computing, and an infrastructure
>management environment.
>WS-Notification provides a mechanism for standards-based
>communications of events within a network of computer systems.
>Examples could include an application notifying another that a
>purchase order has been accepted, or that data is ready for
>download. Until recently, communicating such "events" between
>business applications was done through proprietary messaging systems.
>The same computing need within a web services architecture is being
>addressed by Microsoft, BEA Systems, Tibco Software, and others
>through a separate specification called WS-Eventing. IBM stressed
>that the groups aren't competing, but are taking different
>The priorities of IBM and its partners focus on allowing message
>brokers, such IBM MQSeries, to be present between the event
>publisher and the subscriber within a network, in addition to
>managing all other notifications and the end points.
>In addition, IBM is interested in supporting its grid-computing
>initiative, which needed notification to work. Grid computing is the
>sharing of processing power across a network so that all machines
>function as one larger supercomputer.
>Although Microsoft and its partners are focused on a different set
>of priorities and products, analysts expect the technologies from
>the two camps to eventually be brought together into one
>specification. "I don't believe we're going to see a battle here,"
>said Ron Schmelzer, an analyst for high-tech researcher ZapThink.
>Karla Norsworthy, director of E-business technology for IBM,
>confirmed that IBM intends to eventually merge the specifications,
>although there's no timetable. "We're quite confident that we can
>converge these technologies," Norsworthy said. "We can figure out
>how the Eventing specification fits into the larger picture that
>we're drawing. It may require some changes to both specifications,
>and we're anxious to roll up our sleeves and get to work."
>In building WS-Notification, the companies incorporated integration
>with Web services management technologies under development by
>Oasis, an international standards body, and standards under
>development by the Global Grid Forum, Norsworthy said.
>While specification work appears to be progressing, businesses may
>have to wait a bit for product incorporating these standards. While
>the vendors plan to ship product, most are at the stage of letting
>the specifications provide the guide to their overall technology
>"IBM (for example) has a logical plan for tying all this together,"
>Schmelzer said. "This specification is aimed at contributing to that
>cohesive framework."
>Besides WS-Notification, IBM, HP, Sonic Software, and Tibco released
>WS-Resources Framework, a description of how to handle application
>communications related to expiration of contracts and service level
>agreements, deleting products from inventory systems and other
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