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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] FW: Inter-Governmental Information SharingStandards: Meeting March 8

Friends -

In support of comments by Rex and Len... I wonder if we're in danger 
of letting ourselves get bogged down in other folks' turf battles and 
grand schemes to the detriment of the specific job we've taken on.

Per Len, I'm not sure that a degree of diversity is necessarily a bad 
thing, considering the relatively early stage such standards efforts 
are really at, and that we have a mechanism (namespaces) for 
preventing confusion until the user base / marketplace sorts things 

And per Rex, I'm not sure that either determining the One True 
Vocabulary or harmonizing multiple standards efforts is really within 
this TC's scope.  Ultimately, only the practitioners can resolve the 
long-standing questions of interdisciplinary nomenclature. 
Personally, I'd be inclined to leave those questions to policy-level 
groups like the EIC and, of course, to the responsible agencies 
themselves (e.g., the NIMS Integration team).

In particular, I'm not sure a full-scale comparison of CAP, EDXL and 
GJXDM (and IEEE 1512?) is really our job.  We've agreed to address a 
specific set of requirements, which include a fairly specific example 
vocabulary.  In the interests of making tangible progress, might we 
be wiser to limit ourselves to searching other standards for existing 
equivalents to the particular items in the EDXL Routing Block 
requirements as provided by FEMA and EIC?

All these larger issues do need attention, at the appropriate time 
and in the appropriate venues... but I'm suggesting that this TC may 
get more done by "sticking to our knitting" than by letting ourselves 
be embroiled into other people's issues.

- Art

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