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emergency message

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Subject: Fact to Face, etc.


Counting on a bit of faith here but it seems we are indeed going to 
be able to have a face-to-face meeting in Philadelphia prior to the 
TCIP Conference.  The Sit-Rep work will be all day on Sat/Sun Jan 
30-31 and the DE work will be all day on 2/1/2010.

DHS/S&T will be providing a room for us on Monday 2/1 and will be 
providing a phone line for dial-in participation.  We will be 
counting on support from the EI-Member Section but the amount will be 
the subject of a Steering Committee meeting tomorrow.  We are also 
hoping for some help from the EIC, but awaiting board approval.  I'm 
also happy to say that many of the small businesses that continue to 
provide support for the open standards efforts are again stepping up 
to fill the void.  More details on the specifics will be forth coming 
and I will certainly recognize these companies as we finalize the 
details.  If anyone would like to contribute, there is always a way 
and a need.  Anyone want to cover some food expenses?  I hear the 
Philly cheese steaks are good there!  How about endless coffee for 
our marathon work sessions?

I wanted to get this initial information to you so that if you are 
planning to attend, you can take advantage of the 14-day advance 
ticket purchases.  You might be able to get the $115 rate for the 
weekend and should have no trouble with getting the $153 rate for Mon 
and through the TCIP conference if you plan to stay.

If you have questions, let me know and I'll answer to the best of my 
ability.  There will be an extended IF-SC meeting on Tues 1/19 11-12 
ET to prepare for the DE work of the F2F.  I am working to coordinate 
dial-in access for our SC and TC meetings for the next quarter so 
that we don't waste any precious time with re dialing from one 
meeting to another when they are consecutive.

Many thanks to all of you for your hard work and participation in the 
EM technical committee and the subcommittees.  You are all key to our success!

Kind regards,

Elysa Jones, Chair
CTO, Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102

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